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Aren’t arts subjects important?

In our academic circles in particular and in society in general, the idea that art is of no importance, only science is gaining ground. That is why many schools, colleges, and academies have closed the arts. Only science and commerce are being taught in them. It has been observed that when a student of arts subjects comes to them for admission, they are not only denied admission. That they have already closed the entrances … There are even a few tips on why you took the arts. The arts don’t matter. Those who study the arts don’t get a job. The arts are taught by children who are poor and less stressed. You ruined your life and so on and so forth.
The importance of the arts can be gauged from the following points:

1. In other words, just as science is important, so is the arts. Just as society needs an engineer, a doctor, a teacher, a lawyer, a journalist, a writer, a politician. Economists, etc. are needed. All these disciplines come from the arts. Therefore, science and the arts. The importance of both is almost equal.

2. If science gave birth to cosmologists like Newton, Einstein, Charles Darwin, Madame Curie, Galileo, Pythagoras, Archimedes, Edison, Graham Bell, etc., then the arts also gave birth to Karl Marx, Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Adam Smith, People like Alfred Marshall, William Shakespeare, John Milton, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Allama Iqbal, Imam Ghazali, Ibn Rushd, Saadi, Rumi, etc. gave to the world. Just as scientists have served humanity, so have the arts benefited mankind. So just as science is important, so is art.

3. If science students get a good job, so do art students. If one person does MA in English and the other does MSc in Physics, their education is considered equal. Both can get the same grade job. There are equal job opportunities for both. Teachers of both arts and sciences are equally important in educational institutions. Therefore, inculcating in the minds of students from the beginning the idea that science is important, not arts, is a great injustice.

4. The fact is that in the CSS and commission exams, those who study arts subjects top and those who study science subjects lag behind, because those who study arts have good knowledge. The world where they have information. They also have a bad economy and have traveled through the valleys of citizenship. If they knew Ghalib’s critique, they would have read Shakespeare’s Sanat. He has read Qur’an, Hadith Fiqh etc. in Islamic studies. He also knows history. In short, their information is not limited. In contrast, science readers have limited knowledge. Science subjects require so much time that students don’t even have time to peek around.

Not to watch the news, not to read the newspaper, not to read and watch the information world spread in the city of internet. While a good student of arts must look around. He must keep an eye on the current situation, because his selected articles are not only easy and time consuming, but also encourage them to gather information here and there. If they are studying economics, their heart wants them to know national and international economics as well. If they are studying civilization, they try their best to learn about the civilizations and cultures of the nations of the world. If they are reading history, they also take a look at the history of the world. In contrast, science subjects do not have this feature. The science reader only knows science, the world where he does not have the information.

5 If arts subjects were not important, English, Urdu, Islamic studies and Pakistan studies would not be taught as compulsory subjects till graduation. They have been made mandatory only because of their importance. If they were not important, they would not be read as compulsory subjects. All boards and universities in Pakistan follow the principle that if a student fails in just one subject, he or she will not get a degree. Even if the subject is art.

6. An article in the Arts is in English. Everyone knows how important an English subject is to us. Nowadays, English is everywhere. If one does not know English, it may be impossible for him to climb the ladder of higher education. Because from books to internet cities, English is everywhere. It is impossible to pass exams like CSS and Commission without English.

7. Education should be obtained keeping in view the hobbies and interests. Many children are not interested in science at all. He is more interested in history than physics. Many children get tired of math very quickly, but they love poetry. Many children find biological forms to be poisonous, but they know the laws of all major economists. Now, if forced scientific subjects are imposed on such children, they will soon get tired and will not read by heart. Therefore, such children must read arts subjects.
Finally, I will make a few requests.

1. Teachers should let the child who wants to take arts take it. Let anyone who wants to study science read it.

2. Just as science and commerce subjects are taught in educational institutions, there should also be arts classes.
3. Boards of education should keep science and arts fees the same, so that the awareness that both are equal is important.
4. When a child goes to ninth grade, they must be asked if they will take arts or science. It is not good to force science subjects on it.

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